mental training

  • Break Through The Fog Brain fog and how to avoid it.
  • Complexity Get comfortable with discomfort
  • Creating A Warrior Mind

    What if you could train your brain to not freeze in a crisis? What if you could train your mind to respond to anything in a calm, measured way? What if uncertainty, doubt and mental pressure could be made to vanish from your mental horizon? How much more effective would you be as a business leader? New research coming out of neurological departments in the military shows that you can develop the warrior mind necessary to help you deal with the unexpected and make better business decisions.

  • Details Matter Details are important
  • How Snipers Defeat Uncertainty Uncertainty and how to defeat it
  • How To Think Like A Sniper

    We all have bad days at work. We all experience times when things go wrong and then keep on going wrong and the whole construct of our working day kinda crashes down around us. When that happens most of us react the same way: 

  • Seeing Invisible Things

    If you could see thoughts what would change for you? How much would you be able to improve your own thinking by? Would you be able to prevent bad thought patterns from developing? Would you steal other people’s thoughts and have them as your own? Would the thought patterns you saw transcribed inside their heads allow you to determine how successful people think and emulate them? Would your path through life suddenly become clearer as a result? Would it be better? Would you?

  • Skillsets and Complexity Complex problems require complex solutions.
  • The Bottlecap Challenge Explained Bottlecap Challenge explained
  • Think Like an Olympian Think Like an Olympian

    Training to be an Olympian is always hard. It requires long hours of physical training, sacrifice as a personal and social life is put on hold, focus, determination and the ability to remain mentally tough. While it’s the physical side everyone focuses on, because it’s the most visible, it’s the mental one that actually makes a difference big enough to deliver the medals.

  • Thinking Through The Fog Brain fog: what it is and how to avoid it
  • What Covid-19 Does To Your Decision-Making Surge Capacity Brain Function and the Covid-19 Pandemic