Potential can also paralyze us with indecision and fear.

On any given day, in any given situation, each of us can come up with a dozen credible excuses on why we have not yet done what we want the most. Obstacles, obviously, stop us from achieving what we want. But that's not the problem.

We all have potential. A sense of that potential is important. It gives us hope. Hope is important because it keeps us dreaming. Potential keeps us moving forward. 

Paradoxically it also holds us back. 

Potential is dreams yet unrealized. Strategies and plans not yet made. Potential is a future that has yet to happen. As such, it is full of possibilities. All we have to do is find the time, the means, the resources, the circumstances, (fill in your own requirement here), to take things to the next level. Potential makes us afraid to try, not because things will be difficult when we do but because should we fail we then have nothing more to hope for and without hope all we see is the black & white face of failure.

Failure gives us no wiggle room and it can destroy hope. 

Don't let your potential hold you back. Don't allow your fear to paralyze you. 


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