Permanence is something you build


David Amerland by David Amerland
Published in Inspiration

Nothing lasts forever. As biological entities we degrade and change every single day. Our sensory mechanism changes. the internal biological structure of our beings changes. Our ideas and thought processes also change as a result. Maybe, even, our values (which we then logically dress up as "maturity"). 

This fluidity affects everything. It makes us all works in progress and yes, it does mean that the 'struggle' never stops. We need to be reminded to be better, to stay more focused, to be more disciplined. Entropy rules everything. Uncertainty and fear are the norm.

It's not as bleak as it may seem. Find your anchor. The thing that defines you. Boil it down to its simplest form: a single sentence that represents that to you. Practice reaffirming it whenever you feel in doubt, whenever you feel you lose focus, whenever you feel you're slipping back. Make that your rallying cry. Permanence (in ourselves, beliefs and goals) is never permanent. It is built, each day, with effort. That effort gives it value. Its value makes it prized. The things we prize we know we need to work hard for. 


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