Perfect can become a mental block that stops us from succeeding because it stops us from trying.


David Amerland by David Amerland
Published in Inspiration

Perfect does not exist. It's a perception based upon limited external information and a lot of internal expectation and hope. Perfect is how we perceive other people's lives, plans, ventures, attitude because they haven't told us how they feel, how hard they work, how difficult things are for them.

What exists is balance. The ability to smile when the pressure piles on. The ability to find humor when darkness closes in. The ability to find hope when there appears to be no way forward. Balance comes from within. It is created out of the knowledge of skills and dreams and plans and processes. It is made up of mental attitude and mental fortitude and a sense of gratefulness that life is still moving forward. Balance comes from being able to do what you want to achieve even though it is not easy.

Find the balance in every moment.


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