The trap of expectations

Expectations are a trap. Like invisible threads they become circumstantial stressors that binds us and push our behavior towards the channels they create for us. Our own expectations frequently trip us up; making us impatient at times when patience is exactly what we need. The expectations of others create pressures we find hard to resist because we have no clear enough reason to.  

We end up going along because it's the path of least resistance; because we have insufficient clarity in our direction. Because we lack the cognitive awareness necessary to guide us through. Because we have not yet developed the cognitive competencies we need in order to be allow our core identity to emerge and function as it should. 

Here's a truth: sooner or later the dissonance created by poor decisions and bad choices accumulates. At some point things collapse or we just run out of time. In both cases we have missed the opportunity to do what really matters to us.

In order to be who you truly want to be you must be willing to fight to become who you really know you are. 


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