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Responsibility and where it starts Tweet thisTweet: Personal responsibility starts only after you enter the

Motivation on how to start the day Tweet this Tweet: Start the day by making the right choice.

The confidence you feel truly makes a difference Tweet this Tweet: Believe in yourself. It makes a difference.

Mind and body connection Tweet thisTweet:

Action and inaction are two sides of the same coin. Tweet this Tweet: Action and inaction are two sides of the same coin. You have to know which to choose.

Change management and how to tackle it Tweet this Tweet: Change is always difficult. Tackling it all at once just makes it impossible.

A trained brain allows you to change your world Tweet this Tweet: The brain is a tool. Like any other tool we need to be trained to use it properly.

Learning requires a framework Tweet this Tweet: Learning requires a process and a framework to stick.

How insecurity controls us Tweet this Tweet: If we understand what controls us, we can take action to change it. And ourselves.

 Tweet this Tweet: Attitude reflects how we feel.

 Tweet this Tweet: It's not just visualization. It's about self-belief and your sense of purpose in the world.

 Tweet this Tweet: Training is the means through which we augment our capabilities.

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