Prepare Your Mind For Success With This Sure-Fire Formula


When Benjamin Franklin said that “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” he intuitively understood something that neuroscience is only now discovering. Namely, that the mindset we carry is more critical to our success (and survival) than any amount of expertise or any kind of tools we might have at hand. 

Facing The Things You Fear The Most

Let’s talk about a life and death scenario. You’re a badass Navy SEAL, kitted out to the teeth, jumping off a helicopter, at night, low over water into a choppy sea. You’re going to have to assemble a raft, paddle to your landing zone and then initiate a risky mission governed by a multitude of factors outside your control. 

How A Book About How Snipers Think Can Change Your Life And Save Your Business

While evolution overlooked us when it came to giving out super-strong muscles, long, sharp teeth, and Wolverine-like claws, it did not completely forget us when it came to giving out superpowers. Of all the creatures that walk the Earth, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, may be the only species who can redesign the software that runs inside its head, on the fly.

Creating A Warrior Mind

What if you could train your brain to not freeze in a crisis? What if you could train your mind to respond to anything in a calm, measured way? What if uncertainty, doubt and mental pressure could be made to vanish from your mental horizon? How much more effective would you be as a business leader? New research coming out of neurological departments in the military shows that you can develop the warrior mind necessary to help you deal with the unexpected and make better business decisions.